Community Based Programs

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Music For The Mind

One Life pairs seniors with dementia with teens and creates customized iPods together. Seniors take a step back in time and the music unlocks memories of their past and they share the experience with teens.

Why Initiative

Whole Health for Youth Initiative launched in August 2018 with the support of the Sand Hill Foundation. To support the “Whole Health” of youth, we offer free wellness programs, mental health training and early intervention services to youth (5-24), parents, schools, mentors and program staff.

To support our youth community, we have:

  • Bilingual therapy
  • One-on-One Mentoring
  • Group Mentoring

For transitional-aged youth, we offer:

  • PACE (Purpose, Act, Create, Engage)
  • Poderismo Basketball
  • Rotational Fellowship

To support our parents & caregivers in the community, we have:

  • Parent support groups (English & Spanish!)
  • Parent action committee meetings (Roundtables)
  • Adult wellness programs (Zumba)
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Rosalie Rendu Center

The Rosalie Rendu Center empowers families in East Palo Alto by providing English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and family cultural and enrichment activities for working adults and parents year round.

By offering services uniquely tailored to the community it serves, the Rosalie Rendu Center is a safe, welcoming environment where adults and children can learn, socialize, and enjoy the greater Bay Area culture.


Redwood City
Police Activities League

The Redwood City-Police Activities League (PAL) joins police professionals and community members in a unified effort with a mission to provide school-age children and their families with access to academic support, life skills and personal development activities, with a focus on producing successful opportunities for underrepresented and under-served communities throughout Redwood City.

San Mateo
Police Activities League

San Mateo PAL’s Family Support, Education & Mental Wellness program embeds mental health services into the San Mateo Police Activities League programming.

They create an easy transition for recipients to receive mental health services, linkages to community services, and connection to psycho-education.

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Photo of listener raising hand to ask question during seminar

Community Training

We provide Continuing Education Trainings or Seminars for the community.  We have trained at Young Men's Service League, National Charity League, Hope House, Menlo Park Church, Peninsula Covenant Church, and Police Activities League. Our team has a breadth of expertise from parenting, Relationships and dating, trauma and the brain, healthy eating, body image issues, and digital overuse.  

CEU Provider #128581

Contact Michelle at for more information.

Samaritan House

Fighting poverty. Lifting lives.
Samaritan House connects the working poor to the resources they need to remain a healthy, stable, and active part of our community.

Jessica R. Mitchell Associate Director of Development and Communication
New Creations Home

New Creation Homes

Faith orientated and faith based organization that provides housing to young single mom's to help them support becoming a mother. We as partners provide them with a mental health outreach component where mom's they house have an opportunity to share their experience and troubles with one of our talented therapists

Generations United

Faith based organization that provides both after school care and family support to immigrant families in Redwood City. One Life aims to begin to provide therapy services to children and families who belong to the Generations United organization with the hope to foster a wonderful partnership of support in the future.

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