Help A Mother Out helped OL supply 223,200 diapers in 2023


HAMO wanted to drop One Life a note of deep gratitude from all of us at HAMO for your outpouring of support during our 2022 year-end campaign. We are floored by your generosity. Together we raised $160,348—and with the $40,000 worth of matching gifts made by our Board and a generous donor, we actually raised $200,348. Wow—that is people power in action!

Times are hard for a lot of people, and your generosity, during an especially challenging year means so much to us. Here is what your generosity helps make possible over the next year:

  • Building a bold grassroots advocacy movement: We are hard at work leveling up our advocacy strategy and working alongside California allies to advocate for scalable and sustainable public policy solutions to address inequities at the local, state, and federal levels. Watch this space—more to come very soon!
  • Distributing more diapers than ever before: Our goal is to give out 12 million diapers this year and to reach even more families through our distribution programs. Since July 1st, we have reached thousands of families with over 6.3 million diapers! We will keep up this momentum to reach our goal of doubling that number in the next six months.

HAMO was founded by two moms who wanted to give back to their community—and we are still powered, in large part, by our amazing grassroots supporters like you, who believe that a different future is possible. Thank you for dreaming big with us!

In community,

Lisa Truong
Founder and Executive Director
Help a Mother Out


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