Giving Tuesday & Beyond

Dear Community,

We are bombarded by story after story of mental health tragedies, suicides, shootings, and suffering. While it is tempting to shut out the bad news, we are called upon at One Life Counseling Center, to not only bear active witness to the silent suffering of our children and our neighbors with mental health struggles but also to act. With your help, One Life Counseling Center can raise $20,000 by the end of 2019. We need the financial flexibility to do more and you can continue to make a vital impact with your year-end gift. Help us do more.

With so many great organizations out there, why support us now? Because we are local. We Say Yes to our neighbors who need us. We give caring and compassionate services to all who ask. Why are we asking now? The need for our services has increased by 80% since last year. Our neighbors with mental health issues cannot wait. 

Last week was a record week of referrals for One Life Counseling Center. Thirty first time referrals called into our Center. I wish I felt happy that business is booming but it is heartbreaking.  We heard from a local single mom struggling with depression and exhaustion. I spoke with a couple on the brink of divorce trying to find a way to ease the pain of their imminent separation and mediate the impact for their teenagers. The last call was for a 13-year old who is pulling out her hair, in the most literal way. By Friday, after hearing story after story, I just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep. There is so much suffering on the Peninsula and I keep myself up at night wondering how we can make it stop. I know that with your help, we can do more.

I know that it is a great thing that people are seeking out services and that the stigma of mental health has softened. However, it is hard to hear the stories that weigh heavy on our hearts. We started a new program in the Redwood City School District to help treat trauma in the young students. The stories from the children about their experiences in the border detention centers is horrifying. The children sit for days in a “freezer” waiting to be reunited with their family.  There 

are students that have witnessed murders, hunger, and homelessness. These things feel so far away from Silicon Valley but they are happening right beside us. 

A year-end boost of $20,000 would enable One Life to do more — more hours of therapy at local schools, more clients getting low or no fee services. Did you know that one in six California adults experience a form of mental illness and one in 13 children suffer from an emotional challenge?

We need you more than ever.  Our children and community need you more than ever.  Help us do more. As we come to the end of 2019, your past gifts and support have changed the lives of so many around us. 

We hope you will consider doubling your donation because together we are helping one life at a time. Our board of directors will match your gift, dollar for dollar. Together, we can help.

Go to to donate online or text 44-321 and enter code giveonelife. We appreciate your generosity and together we can do more!


Suzanne Hughes 

Executive Director

P.S. We are so grateful for your past support. Your year-end donations go directly back into services.  $160.00 can deliver four low cost sessions to a hardworking family. Help us reach that $20,000 by the end of the year!!

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