Yen Hui


Yen Hui

Trained in several therapeutic methods, Yen is eclectic in her style and works with you to discover the most effective approaches to achieve your personal goals…so, come as you are. Through this supportive, warm, and non-judgmental exploration you will, together, gain a better understanding of who you are and build on your assets.

Yen enjoys working with diverse groups of people (children, adult, couples) with a range of life challenges. She has strength in working with adolescents and young adults in exploring positive development (areas of expertise: autism spectrum, teen parenting, academic/career exploration and planning, grief work, life transitions, parental separation/divorce, peer relationship, etc.). Her journey with adult clients include extensive work with parent coaching, navigating separation/divorce, managing work/life stressors. With couples and families, Yen supports you in identifying relationship dynamics and patterns, problem-solving, and creating harmony.

No matter where you are on your life journey… come as you are…

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Yen Hui

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
MFT #88758


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