Xibin Wu


Xibin Wu

Growing up, I learned from family, school, friends, media, and society what I needed to be, do, and have to be happy. For thirty years, the happiness that I experienced was often short-lived. More frequently experienced are the emotions of worry & anxiety, sadness, and regret & depression. My pursuit of long-lasting happiness eventually revealed that striving to be someone I am not is the most difficult thing anyone can do.

As I’m becoming more of my natural shape in the past decade, positive feelings like peace, contentment, and happiness become more abundant. With the negative emotions becoming less frequent and shorter in duration, I began helping adults in health organizations and adolescents & their families in high school experience a greater abundance of love, joy, and peace. In joining One Life Counseling, I’m expanding my service to children and their families.

Congratulations on being tired of the negative cycles. And thank you for taking this courageous step to seek out help. Whether you seek service for your children, for you and your loved ones, or for yourself, I’m honored to be working with you to break the continuity and transform darkness into light and limitations into freedom.

Xibin Wun

Xibin Wu

Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
AMFT #127421

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