Suzanne Hughes

Executive Director

Suzanne Hughes

Suzanne has been in private practice for over 20 years. She is dedicated to working with people recovering from traumatic loss, life transitions, adoption issues, depression, grief (specializing in absent mothers), anxiety and relationship issues. She works with couples, families, individuals, and teens.

Her style is interactive and interpersonal with a focus on living a divinely-inspired intentional life. For over a decade, she worked at San Mateo County Mental Health counseling adults, seniors, and teens. She also has extensive knowledge of community resources and collaborative relationships with many outside agencies. She is a public speaker and provides training in parenting teens in the new millennium, grief recovery, and mommy self-care.

She is fluent in Spanish. She works in Pescadero one day a week with Puente del Costa Sur, creating innovative programs for teens at risk.  She founded and developed, a grief share website and works with the Board of Behavioral Science as a Subject Matter Expert.

She is married with three girls. She has a passion for reading, Yoga, and travel.

Suzanne Hughes <br>Executive Director <br>Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist <br>Licensed Professional Counselor <br>MFT #35321

Suzanne Hughes

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Licensed Professional Counselor
MFT #35321

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