Sarah Jane Thomas


Sarah Jane Thomas

The kids I work with are sensitive, shy, and already seem to be 'little perfectionists' by getting overwhelmed by mistakes, feeling unsure of themselves, and having trouble making friends or speaking up. My adult clients are very often the grown up version of this same kiddo. The adults I work with are hard on themselves and rarely meet their own high expectations. They often struggle with body image, disordered eating, anxiety and an overwhelming feeling of "not-good-enough-ness."

Reconnecting with our bodies and building self-compassion can have a huge impact on how we show up for ourselves and others. The work I do helps kids and adults to build their skills of body awareness and learn to trust the intuition we all have inside of us. With kids, it might look more playful and creative in sessions where we explore these ideas through fun mindfulness practices, artwork, or games. For adults, very often our time together starts with a practice to get in tune with the body in the moment like a body scan, breathing exercise, or mindfulness practice. A big part of the work I help clients with is getting to know the different parts of ourselves that often have so much to say. It's not uncommon to find parts of us are actually that little kid version of us who really needed to be heard. Whether you're looking for support for your kiddo or that child-part of yourself, I'm here to listen and support the journey to self-trust again.

I believe that all bodies are worthy and valuable of love and care just as they are. I support a Health at Every Size® (HAES®) -aligned perspective (see and believe that size diversity is a normal, beautiful part of being human.

I offer therapy via telehealth video sessions only.


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Sarah Jane Thomas

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LMFT #121461

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