Rosy Baquedano


Rosy Baquedano

Rosy Baquedano is a therapist in training with a profound commitment to serving disenfranchised youth and families in the Bay Area. Over the past eight years, she has immersed herself in this vital work, driven by her passion for advocating for underprivileged communities. Her mission is to provide accessible, high-quality mental health services while actively challenging the stigma surrounding therapy. Rosy believes in creating safe spaces where her clients' voices are not just heard but valued, fostering an environment of trust and empowerment.

Rosy's therapeutic approach is grounded in person-centered principles, ensuring that her clients are at the forefront of their healing journey. Rosy strives to uplift her community, one therapy session at a time.

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Rosy Baquedano

Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee
Supervised by Kristina K. Phillips, #102928

One Life Counseling Center

One Life Counseling Service is a non profit counseling center in downtown San Carlos. We provide counseling for anyone at any cost.

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization of skilled therapists and change agents who aim to inspire, educate, and provide accessible counseling for anyone who needs it.

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