Paul Slattery


Paul Slattery

Suffering is a certainty in our lives, but sometimes it becomes more than we can bear. Oftentimes, we can become caught up in blaming ourselves- and though sometimes there can be truth to the notion, it's not true enough to guide us towards healing. We may feel slowed down, stuck, agitated, angry, frustrated or sad. There is nothing wrong or unacceptable with you or your feelings in my practice. They are part of your truth that will guide you to a deeper level of knowing.

My role is to walk nonjudgmentally alongside you as you explore yourself and uncover the lost parts of your soul, to aid you in freeing yourself to seek wholeness- to find a place where the natural tendency to heal can proceed more effortlessly. We will move at your pace, your tolerance to share, in a direction that serves you- and you will become stronger.

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Paul Slattery

Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
AMFT# 137353

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