Nathaniel Pyzik


Nathaniel Pyzik

Nathaniel is an Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a specialization in dance/movement therapy. He uses dance and movement to explore thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Dance/movement therapy relies on the premise that the mind and body are interconnected and that all movement is meaningful. Through the process of therapy, clients can learn to express themselves authentically, improve self-awareness, and create meaningful relationships with themselves and others. Nathaniel also uses a person-centered approach and draws from a variety of techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness, positive psychology/strengths-based, and existential therapy.

Nathaniel received his MA in Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling from Drexel University. He has experience working with clients who experience anxiety, depression, substance use, severe mental illness, brain injury, and developmental challenges. He also enjoys counseling clients who are dealing with career-related issues, work-life balance, relational conflicts, and other life challenges.

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Nathaniel Pyzik

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
LPCC #10101. BC-DMT # 1416

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