Nanette Riendeau


Nanette Riendeau

Are you suffering in silence because according to the outside world you have it all? It can be easy to beat yourself up for not feeling happy when you have the income, the family…the dream. So why won’t the feelings of fear, anxiety, and worry stop? Where is the sense of fulfillment, connection, and confidence that people imagine comes with “having it all"? Why the persistent feelings of not being [fill in the blank] enough?

I will help you listen deeply to your inner wisdom, attune compassionately to your needs, and find greater satisfaction with your life. You will learn to value yourself, recognize, challenge and replace your limiting beliefs, and choose actions that serve your highest good. You will gain insight and develop tools for navigating challenges and transitions.

I will support you in the process of remembering who you truly are: a unique expression of divine love. Let's access your connection to the power of imagination and harness your creative potential. You deserve to enjoy your life!

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Nanette Riendeau

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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