Megan Hankins-Maldonado


Megan Hankins-Maldonado

You are a high preforming athlete that is in a constant state of stress. Assignments are piling up, parents are on your case about you name it, and you are stressed out with recruiting; experiencing FOMO from your friends committing on social media to different universities wondering when will you be committed? The one place you find peace (your sport) feels like a burden and not a refuge. You aren't "locked in" and feel a roller coaster of emotions: deep sadness, isolation, anxiety, unmotivated and lost. You present to everyone that you are “fine” but everything inside you says that you aren’t. My name is Megan and I help depressed, anxious and burned out athletes reclaim their life and their joy for the sports they play.

You’ll learn how to find balance, discover what has gotten you stuck and find new ways to recharge. As a former high school/collegiate athlete and 15 year’s experience coaching basketball from Division I to High School, I fully understand the immense stress, pressure, and responsibility that comes with being an athlete.

Combining my coaching experiences with being a licensed Psychotherapist, I help athletes define clear & measurable objectives to relieve the pressure to perform and see the wins in their life and season. If you are ready to start giving space to your emotional needs, contact me for a FREE 15 minute consultation. This could be the game changer you need!

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Megan Hankins-Maldonado

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
LMFT #80840

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