Maya Feng


Maya Feng

Maya has been in the helping profession working with hundreds of clients throughout her career in the State, County and non-profit agencies for over a decade. She is passionate about guiding people to uncover their true self and remember who they came here to be.

Growing up in Taiwan, educated in the US and raising her kids in the Bay Area, Maya has personal and professional experiences in immigrants, first-generation, parenting, family-of-origin, alcohol/drug dependency, self-image and confidence, and grieving. She is well versed in depression and anxiety from past trauma, as to how it may manifest in people's intimate relationship, career, and family relations. Maya uses client-centered modality, with an emphasis on mindfulness and draws heavily from Satir Transformational System method and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, helping clients develop a greater sense of harmony, oneness, inner peace, and learn to implement new tools and strategies in their day-to-day lives.

Former clients state that "Maya is an incredible listener because she hears what I say as well as how I feel;" "I appreciated how we dove deeper into a specific behavior and talked through how it relates to broader thought patterns I have;" "She had amazing questions for me that helped me open up and feel really comfortable talking with her." Maya sees herself as her clients' fellow traveller going into the wilderness and paths unknown, and firmly believes that everyone's uniqueness deserves being felt and seen by the wold, and by themselves.


Maya Feng

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
LPCC #00590

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