Marcie Kay


Marcie Kay

Marcie creates a safe and nurturing therapeutic space for adults who are facing major life transitions such as career, divorce, or personal loss in finding a joyful and fulfilling path forward. She provides empathetic guidance to the “sandwich generation” – women and men who are raising children while also caring for their elderly parents and struggling with anxiety and depression as they attempt to juggle it all.

Marcie helps families navigate the complexities of raising children, adolescents and emerging adults in a healthy, cohesive way. She also also counsels adolescents who are struggling with academic stress, social anxiety, bouts of depression and hopelessness. She provides guidance and support surrounding emerging sexuality and gender fluidity and also works with those who struggle with disordered eating and other weight and body image disturbances.

Marcie holds a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, MFT/LPCC, holds an MBA, and has a University of California certification in educational counseling with an eye towards learning differences and therapeutic interventions. She’s the proud mother of two adult daughters and one adolescent son and the daughter of a fiercely independent 94-year-old mother. Marcie is a voracious reader, a nature enthusiast, and a passionate community organizer and volunteer.


Marcie Kay

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
LMFT #131420
Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor
APCC #8250

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