Maddy Mastin


Maddy Mastin

Through all the ups and down’s life is full of challenges, changes, opportunities, and growth. I am here to help you go through this journey and support you through all the challenges that occur—creating a safe, protected, nurturing, and open/non-judgemental space where you can be yourself no matter what. I believe everyone is uniquely different, and finding what works for you during our time together is important to me. This opportunity with One Life will allow me to explore and work with individuals, helping them with the challenges they are experiencing.

I am currently a Master’s student at Notre Dame de Namur University, working toward my Marriage and Family therapy degree and towards gaining my MFT and LPCC license. I have a background of working as a preschool teacher for two years. I love working with children and their families. Watching them grow and learn how to navigate the world is priceless. I love having the chance to help and educate families to create a strong and healthy support system.

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Maddy Mastin

Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee

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