Lori Macchi-Pina


Lori Macchi-Pina

Lori enjoys working with adults and youth to help them reach their goals and full potential. In working with adults, Lori approaches therapy holistically, helping the client get to the root of their challenges through exploring mindy, body and spirit. Lori has extensive experience with adolescents and young adults. She is passionate about teaching young people how to balance their lives so that they can develop into happy, healthy adults. She has worked with youth for the past 30 years in the capacity of foster care, residential treatment, summer camps and other experiential programs.

She runs teen and young adult groups in person and believes that getting off screens and into a supportive group of fellow young people is essential for emotional development.

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Lori Macchi-Pina

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
LMFT #89384

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