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My practice of somatic psychotherapy is based on the belief that we are all moving towards wellbeing despite the impacts of developmental or ongoing trauma. This process can benefit from a collaborative and compassionate guide, who allows your innate wholeness to unfold. I bring all of myself to this work and care deeply about my clients. I am inspired and changed by them, making this process powerful for all involved (or so my clients have told me). I consider myself an ally who is beside my clients in their suffering. I have a solid, warm, and vibrant presence that can hold a lot of hardship. I am not easily shaken or shocked.

Rather than focusing on just thoughts and emotions, I invite clients to notice and engage how their bodies are contributing to their experience. This is particularly helpful for people who have experienced trauma or formed their identities in harmful relationships. I am primarily influenced by training in Formative Psychology, as well as Internal Family Systems, contemporary trauma theory, psychodynamic theory, and attachment theory. I use these approaches to support adults, children, partners and families who have experienced, or continue to experience various forms of trauma and all the ways it manifests, including PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

Given my own path towards wholeness, I have an expansive interpersonal style that serves me well with clients from diverse backgrounds and experiences. I am committed to providing a trauma-informed, body-accepting, LGBTQ+ friendly, and social justice-oriented practice.

In addition to having a private practice, I also work at schools in the Belmont - Redwood Shores School District.

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Kim Gengler

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist AMFT #118516

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