Katherine Chi


Katherine Chi

I chose to become a therapist, because I understand that our lives are complicated. We don't exist in isolation; every aspect of our worlds impacts us in some way. But when it comes to making sense of those experiences, it can feel remarkably lonely.

You don't need to be alone. As a therapist, I provide a safe, caring space for you to be heard, appreciated, and supported. I'd love to know your journey, who and what have shaped you, and how you're carrying your struggles and striving for your dreams. Together, we can look at your story, both the parts that have been told and the parts that have yet to come, and find meaning.

For more than 25 years, I've served in community, educational, and advocacy support and counseling roles, including school-based mental health services. During my Master in Social Work program at USC, I specialized in Children, Youth, and Families, but I additionally love working with early and midlife adults, mothers, and couples. I believe in building a strengths-based alliance, one in which we talk about, create, and collaborate towards your goals. I want to get to know the authentic you, honor your self-determination, and help you navigate life's many challenges and changes. In my work, I blend psychodynamic and ecological systems theories with adaptive coping strategies, active listening and social communication skills, and solution-oriented interventions.

As a second generation Chinese/Taiwanese-American, I grew up in rural New Jersey, and I am fluent in conversational Mandarin. I love hiking the Bay Area's open space preserves, taking in the sight, sound, and scent of the ocean along the Pacific coast, and enjoying a good, deep laugh every day. I'm an avid geocacher, reader, boardgamer, and foodie, and I spend my free time with my two adult daughters and one adolescent son.

I'm excited to connect with you, to learn about your past and present narrative, and to figure out what comes next.

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Katherine Chi

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
LCSW #122142

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