Katharine Lee


Katharine Lee

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.
-Lao Tzu

The transformation from birth to death in this life isn't easy but it need not be suffering or done alone, in fact in can we both challenging and wonderful. We are handed a lot to juggle nowadays and often little is left for our mental and physical health, spirituality, contemplation, revelation, connection, peace, joy, and creativity. However, it is better understood that these things and more are of utmost importance and access is on the rise to a buffet of healing and possibilities.

I am in strong support of getting holistic mental health care to everyone and especially populations that carry large loads of collective burdens, like current or formerly imprisoned peoples, homeless peoples, addiction challenged, severe mental health challenged, domestic violence survivors, marginalized peoples and cultures, and children of all kinds. I have worked with many of these poplulations and with children and adults teaching meditation, breathing, yoga, qigong, somatic awareness and release, relationship and communication skills, and the power of all energy/thoughts/emotions/actions. I believe in the opportunity innate in all challenges and our bodymind's ability to self-heal, regulate, and transform. I particularly enjoy sharing these practices and the practical science behind them.

I am near completion of a Holistic/Somatic Counseling Psychology Masters degree in December of 2022. I used to own an exotic chocolate company. I think there's nothing to fix but everything to discover about the richness of being human. Change happens naturally as we relax and open. My life and continuing focus of training has given me extra space to hear with non-judgment, help navigate complex and event traumas, ADD and learning challenges, bullying, anxiety, depression, TBI, body shame, spirituality, sexuality, gender, relationships, parent and child dynamics, psychedelic integration, emotional intensity, and more, including what feels good and personal dreams. You're taking a powerful step and I'd love to help you be heart-fully supported.

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Katharine Lee

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist 
Somatic Therapist

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