John Hedley

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

John Hedley

John is an Licensed therapist with a background in computer science, law, and writing. Specializing in life transitions (mid life crisis, moving from home to college, retirement, relationship changes), with experience working with people in both traditional and non-traditional relationship structures.

He received his Masters in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. His focus is in working with people going through transitions, from young teens just starting a transition to adulthood, to adults going through transitions in education, in career, in relationships, in mid-life or in retirement. John’s therapeutic interest started when he was trained as a peer counselor in college. While he was in law school, he ran a program which placed underprivileged teenagers in paid internships at law firms throughout New York City. As he moved on to his professional life, he put himself into positions to help people who were struggling. At Google, his favorite part of being a manager was helping those around him find ways to align their passions and strengths with their work. John decided to pursue psychology as a way to take something he loved to do and to make it his life’s work. As a writing enthusiast, his psychological approach is to listen to and honor his clients’ stories which so often shape their choices. As they examine those stories together, he helps to find where those stories came from and how those stories serve them in their transitions.

In addition to his Masters in Counseling Psychology, John has J.D. from Fordham University and a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Writing from Washington University in St. Louis. He worked for over 15 years in technology before making his transition to psychology.


John Hedley

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
LMFT #131385

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