Joe Gutierez


Joe Gutierez

Life comes with many challenges and uncertainties. At times these challenges can create some imbalance for all of us. I provide a warm, caring and sensitive place, giving my clients the space to explore ways in which to navigate life’s joys, disappointments and challenges. I work alongside you to explore the impact these challenges place on your life and work together to identify your goals that will help you regain balance and improve your mental and physical well-being. After a career in international business I made the transition to counseling, which has provided me unique insight and firsthand experience as to how these changes can affect us and how to successfully chart a course.

I am trained and have experience working with adults, young adults and adolescence and the LGBQT community. My work with these populations includes trauma, depression, and anxiety. My work over the past five years has focused on those suffering from substance use and the effects these can have. I also focus on loss and grief associated with infertility issues, especially as they relate to men and their emotions. I also am fluent in Spanish. And having worked in Europe, Asia, Mexico and South America I have gained a strong sense of cultural humility.

Clinically, my work is informed by the humanistic approach which includes self-actualization and unconditional positive regard. Every individual is unique. I draw from many therapeutic models and approaches, to create an approach that is tailored for your needs. Some of these might include Mindfulness, Motivational interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and others. I hold a BA in English Literature, an MBA, in Marketing and an MS in Clinical Psychology. I work in the Emergency and Psychiatric Emergency Services Departments at The San Mateo Medical Center where I serve as a Therapist supporting patients with co-occurring diagnosis. When not working, I enjoy spending time with family, four children, and friends. I also enjoy cooking, working out, reading and traveling.


Joe Gutierez

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LMFT #133632 

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