Heather Coros


Heather Coros

Heather Coros is a Certified Transformational Personal Development and Career Coach.

She has dedicated the last 10+ years studying how to effectively increase well-being to help people take charge of their personal life and career. Heather’s methodology utilizes curiosity as a catalyst to achieve lasting success. Armed with specific techniques and strategies, Heather sparks lasting shifts at the essential core level to enhance your personal and professional performance and wellbeing.

Heather takes tremendous pride and joy in helping people identify what’s holding them back and developing a plan to break through those restrictions so they can accomplish their desires and flourish.

Heather has a Master of Transpersonal Psychology, and has been a USF Law School Guest Lecturer, CIIS Guest Presenter, Action Coach Keynote Speaker, a featured expert for MentorBox, a Spotlight Presenter at the Healthcare Executive Webinar and Heather was a 2016 People Love Us on Yelp award recipient. She founded Live Laugh Love Life Coaching in 2013.


Heather Coros

Master of Transpersonal Psychology
Certified Personal Development & Career Coach

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