Hannah Beryl Lammert


Hannah Beryl Lammert

Hannah Beryl Lammert is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at One Life Services. Hannah works with children and adolescents from the ages of 7 to early-adulthood. Most commonly, but not exclusively, Hannah helps her clients work through challenges with anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, big life transitions, and issues at school, with social groups, and in the home. She believes in creating a safe, cooperative, and therapeutic relationship where she can empower individuals by bringing out their inner resilience and strength to identify, challenge, reveal and resolve interpersonal conflict.

It is within this safe, therapeutic environment where individuals feel comfortable to explore life’s challenges and their obstacles to success. To Hannah, this approach is vital to creating a foundation for positive change in one’s life.

Hannah Beryl Lammert <br>Licensed Clinical Social Worker<br> LCSW #75953

Hannah Beryl Lammert

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
LCSW #75953

One Life Counseling Center

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