Elizabeth Miller


Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth is an Associate Clinical Counselor and has a range of expertise in both age and settings. In addition to One life she currently works as an k-5 School Counselor at North Hillsborough Elementary. Elizabeth has experience supporting children, adolescents, Teens, Adults, and Seniors in both individual and group settings.

Elizabeth supports her clients by connecting to their present state in relation to their mind, body, and spirit. Through an interpersonal approach she supports and fosters a space where the client can work towards self awareness and self acceptance. She works to build the relationship with her clients and to foster a warm, empathetic, safe, and peaceful space to support them in their unique and individual path. She utilizes therapeutic mindfulness practice , play therapy, and solution focused strategies. Elizabeth is able to address and support a variety of presenting concerns related to anxiety, depression/mood, relationships, behavior, grief/ Loss , and major life changes. Elizabeth makes it a priority to provide a space that is trauma informed, culturally inclusive, and LGBTQ+ safe.

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Elizabeth Miller

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor
APCC #8448
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