Audrey Fairchild


Audrey Fairchild

Audrey graduated with her master’s in Clinical Counseling in May 2018, and is a registered Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor. In the last year with One Life, Audrey has focused her work on youth and families. She specializes in children experiencing attachment issues, anxiety, childhood trauma, and school-related peer challenges. She utilizes the IFS model as a means to strengthen family communication and trust. She offers Mindfulness, hypnotherapy, play therapy, and a dynamic, positive psychology orientation.

Audrey blends her clinical counseling with experience as a credentialed teacher of 20 years: she brings a unique understanding of the classroom and school setting, as well as child and adolescent development.

Audrey has 9 years experience as a crisis phone counselor with Star-Vista, and also completed her training as a sexual trauma counselor with RTS. She is also a mother of two grown children and understands the challenges of parenting and raising a child.


Audrey Fairchild

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT#125638
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
LPCC# 11468

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