Arie Pramono


Arie Pramono

I am a first generation Indonesian American, and I was born and raised throughout the San Francisco Peninsula. I provide sliding scale, affordable, strength-based psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, and couples. I specialize in attachment wounding and attachment styles, relationship stress, anxiety, identity crises, and issues specific to first-generation Asian American children.

I began my journey with psychotherapy and counseling in 2019 when I started seeing my own individual therapist for support around dating and interpersonal relationships. My friends often spoke about negative experiences with their therapists. I often found myself relaying what I had learned from my therapist to my friends in the hopes that I might offer them some type of therapeutic support. And so one day I had the wonderful idea of becoming a therapist so I could be the therapist my friends wished they’d had.

I consider myself to be a rather young therapist and clinician. Not too long ago, I struggled with my own issues around dating and interpersonal relationships, self-worth, and life fulfillment. In this fashion, I really empathize and connect to many of the struggles that people in their late teens to early twenties struggle with because in many ways I still experience those things.

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Arie Pramono

Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

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