Adriana Faiman


Adriana Faiman

Adriana has a Master Degree in Social Work from UC Berkeley with an emphasis in strengthening children, youth and families. She has worked extensively in community mental health, case management and education throughout the SF Bay Area. She has received “Special Congressional Recognition '' and was acknowledged with Adriana Faiman’s Day in San Francisco for her commitment to working in community outreach programs. Adriana is a Licensed Psychopedagogue from Buenos Aires Argentina,her native country. Spanish is her native language, and she is the founder and creator of Escuela del Sol, a Spanish -speaking immersion program for toddlers and preschoolers. Adriana is also a certified Personal Development and Organizational Strategic Coach, Mentor and founder of In Unison Education & Coaching and works internationally.Her purpose has been to assist people in discovering their inner strength and potential for the accomplishment of their goals. She has been the witness of deeper personal growth, increased well being and a healthier connection to family social and working environments. In addition, her curiosity about complementary methods to healing led her to become a Reiki Master. She is currently a board member at Stanford PFAC and a volunteer at MVLA providing parent training and leadership workshops for youth.

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Adriana Faiman

Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker
ASW #94613

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