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Our mission relies on donations from our community and we are so thankful for every donation we receive.


One Life's 2023 Impact

Community is such an important part of mental health and as we are all too aware, mental health does not discriminate. The pandemic has impacted the mental health of all of us, including children, teens, families, adults, and senior citizens.

We also know that the mental health needs of our community are anticipated to be long-lasting, which means that One Life needs to adjust to truly be here for our community – and for you. Currently, we are providing mental health services through in-person and telehealth sessions. We are available to anyone and everyone in San Mateo County. Please take a look at the impact report included with this letter.

At the end of this year, we are once again holding our fundraising campaign Purpose Through ServiceService can mean many things. It can be the donations of food and other essential items, it can be the support of your friends and neighbors and it can be reaching out beyond personal networks to ensure that the community as a whole is connected to support.

Your support can make an individual difference to a child, family, or senior in our community. If you are able to give again at this time of year, your generosity is needed to help others in our community with life changing mental health resources and support. This is an incredible gift and incredibly important, especially this year. This Purpose Through Service is One Life.

Examples of how your donations will make a difference:

Provides needed essential items for a family in crisis
Supports ten sessions of low-fee counseling for a community member in need
Provides 10 Group Therapy sessions for Teen Support, Positive Parenting, Men’s or Mom’s Group
Enables One Life to respond to community tragedies with immediate, no-cost group and individual support
Provides trauma-informed training for One Life therapists to support our community
Provides weekly groceries for two months for 150 individuals

Thank you for your continued support of the important work of One Life.

One Life Counseling Center

One Life Counseling Service is a non profit counseling center in downtown San Carlos. We provide counseling for anyone at any cost.

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization of skilled therapists and change agents who aim to inspire, educate, and provide accessible counseling for anyone who needs it.

Tax ID: 81-0919786


1303 San Carlos Ave
San Carlos, California

Phone: (650) 394-5155
Fax:  (650) 332-2946

Hours: Monday - Sunday: 9am to 9pm

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