Midlife Men’s Group (Virtual)


Please reach out directly to hedleylmft@gmail.com​ with your contact information if you are interested in joining.


  • The group will meet weekly for 6 weeks

  • Sessions will be 90 minutes long, and they are held on an online video telehealth call.  It is each participant’s responsibility to take the call in a private location with a good internet connection, where he feels safe and can be sure that the call will not be overheard.

  • Cost is $60 for each session ($360 for the duration of the group)

  • This is a closed group, not drop in.  There will be 4-6 participants.

  • Sessions will be Thursdays from 6:30-8:00pm.

    • July 13

    • July 20

    • July 27

    • August 3

    • August 10

    • August 17

What subjects will we be covering in this group?

Each week will have its own theme, which I’ll choose based on an initial free consultation with each member before the first meeting.  Some potential topics include:

  • Parents and parenting: how are we handling our parents aging?  How are we handling our kids aging?  What patterns have been passed from generation to generation?

  • Our relationship to sex: Is it important, is it part of our identity, is it present, how does it connect to the rest of our lives?

  • Drugs/Alchohol (recreational, prescription, over the counter): How has our relationship to drugs changed?  Some people need drugs because of a chronic condition.  Alcohol might used to simply be part of partying, but now maybe we “need” a drink at the end of the day.  Did you used to use recreational drugs for fun, and now it’s something you’re using to figure out your life purpose?

  • What do we need from our intimate relationships?  Are those needs being met?  If you are in a long term relationship, is that relationship a safe space?  Can you count on that person in the same way as the day you first made a commitment to each other?

  • Our relationship to the feminine and how we feel about words like “patriarchy” and “toxic masculinity”?

  • Our relationship to emotions.  What emotions can you share with your family and friends today that you couldn’t before.  What emotions remain hard to share?

  • Triggers: What brings out our worst?  When do we get jealous, angry, fearful, depressed?  What triggers those bad spaces


Aug 17 2023


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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