Welcome to One Life Counseling! We at One Life Counseling are so pleased you have decided to join our team of compassionate volunteers helping make this a more supportive environment for those in need.

Your efforts help to provide necessary services to our community by allowing those we serve to live a
healthier, happier life.

Please check if your organization has an "Employee Match Program", which may have two parts: (1) "Donation Match" to match cash donations, and (2) "Volunteer Match" to reward volunteer hours with a cash match.

Volunteer Handbook

This volunteer handbook serves as an introduction and guide to One Life Counseling. Within the handbook, you will find basic information about One Life Counseling’s mission, goals, guidelines, and your rights and responsibilities as a volunteer. It also includes valuable information, policies and procedures, and tips to keep you safe.

We will update this handbook as needed and welcome your input and feedback.

Please do not hesitate to contact anyone at One Life Counseling with any questions or concerns.

Your willingness to share your time, strength, and compassion is greatly appreciated.

NOTE ABOUT FUTURE UPDATES TO THIS VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK: One Life Counseling will periodically update this handbook. Upon completing any updates, we will send an email to all volunteers informing them of the updates. We will also post the latest updated PDF version of the complete volunteer handbook under the One Life Counseling website’s documents tab.


Volunteer Waiver

Before volunteering, One Life Counseling requires those who wish to volunteer to sign a Volunteer Release and Waiver Liability Form.  Volunteers should read this form thoroughly and should direct any questions to One Life Counseling.

Please fill out the waiver online, or scan and email the waiver form to Cristal at

New Volunteer Contact Form

As a volunteer with One Life Counseling, we hope all volunteers will:

  • Enjoy your volunteer work.
  • Feel that your skills, knowledge, and talents are going to good use.
  • Make new friends.
  • Grow.

Volunteer Hours

Thank you for volunteering with One Life Counseling Center. Please log your hours and sign up to volunteer again.

One Life Counseling Center

One Life Counseling Service is a non profit counseling center in downtown San Carlos. We provide counseling for anyone at any cost.

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization of skilled therapists and change agents who aim to inspire, educate, and provide accessible counseling for anyone who needs it.

Tax ID: 81-0919786


1303 San Carlos Ave
San Carlos, California

Phone: (650) 394-5155
Fax:  (650) 332-2946

Hours: Monday - Sunday: 9am to 9pm

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