Elizabeth Holden


Elizabeth Holden

Elizabeth studied History at the University of California, Santa Barbara for her undergraduate degree. It was with history that she learned every story has multiple truths, people are complex beings, and there is rarely ever a case in all of human history of polarized sides of good and evil. This is where her foundation of interest in psychology really started. After UCSB, she worked at a private mental health office in Santa Barbara where she truly was immersed in an education of mental health. After working there for a year and a half she decided it was time to make the moves to pursue a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology. Now she is back in my home town of San Carlos and taking prerequisite classes for Psychology at Foothill College. She plans to apply for graduate programs for Clinical Psychology for Fall 2019. She is so committed to the movement to end the stigmatization of mental illness and promote understanding and growth in our community. She is excited to work with One Life Wellness Center in her home town, where she can learn, grow and help wherever she is needed.


Elizabeth Holden

Executive Administrator


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