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Art always played major role in Zdenka Bleile’s life. She was born in Prague, Czech Republic, which is a cultural hub of central Europe. After taking art classes as a child, she studied art in Charles University. Among her professors was prominent Czech abstract painter Zdeněk Sýkora. Following move to California she got a degree in Graphic Design. Zdenka never stopped dreaming of going back to fine arts.

After years of painting in an impressionist style, Zdenka recently embarked on a new direction in her creative process. She has fallen in love with cold wax and oil. This technique allows her to extend her repertoire to abstract realism and purely abstract works.

Zdenka feels that she can express herself on a much more personal level. Abstract art is very interactive and emotional. The pure spontaneity that comes with working abstract has allowed Zdenka to find deeper meaning within her creative process. Passionate inner feelings, colors and shapes are the main building blocks of her expression.

She believes that “Every painting is a love affair, a challenge and a learning experience”.
Instagram: @zdenika
Phone:  650-533-5356

Zdenka Bleile

Photo with paintings - Zdenka Bleile

Previous Artist in Residence

Maarit Rajahalme

Abstract painting has become the favorite way of expressing myself. Exploring the issues of equality, diversity, and minorities, I create paintings of spaces, relationships, and emotions. I work with polarities such as light and dark, soft and hard, interior and exterior.

My style is modern and design-oriented, using unity with variety, hard edges, and mostly desaturated colors. Being surrounded by Scandinavian design growing up in Finland I now realize how much it has influenced my aesthetic. New ideas are constantly flowing from my mind.

Contact: (650) 353-8165 or

Maarit Rajahalme

HeadShotSquare - Maarit Rajahalme
Lascaux Academy

Tony Pepito


Tony is an internationally awarded watercolor and oil painter. Tony obtained his architectural degree in the Philippines and has over 30 years of experience as a painter and graphic designer. Tony was a technical illustrator for Columbia Graphics in Maryland and a designer and illustrator for United Laboratories. His paintings have been shown in museums, by NASA, and by private collectors. Lascaux Academy is very honored to have him as one of their instructors.

Tony specializes in watercolor, oil painting, ink pen, pencils and other media in a variety of subjects including portraiture, architecture, landscape, animals, and cartooning.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time….”
– Thomas Merton

Everyone has a unique story to tell. Mine began in India and my journey brought me here to the Peninsula where I now call home. A part of my journey, my experience, can always be found in my paintings. Realistic painting is where I started, but I followed my heart and began developing abstract art. Painting is a deeply personal experience, sometimes therapeutic, and abstract painting has allowed me to express myself freely. I am drawn to bold, vibrant reds, oranges and blues to better capture a certain thought or emotion. I often use textures in the same way.

I am excited to be sharing my work with you. I hope you will find something in my work that connects with a part of your own journey. It is my hope, for just a moment, my painting triggers an emotion in you, a memory, and we connect, your journey and mine, sharing our lives through art.

Sajana Sagar


Betty Cheng


For the past two years I have painted scenery of real places I have traveled to. I have a passion for capturing the beauty of God’s creation onto canvases with my paint brush, and I love to share these landscapes with people who admire nature. I began with using acrylic as my medium and have been slowly transitioning to oil. I use acrylic as a base and apply thicker oil color on top to bring out the best of both paints. I look forward to sharing my art with you.

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